​At Blake Anderson, our mission has always been to serve as the vital link connecting the visionary minds of urban planners, urban designers, and landscape architects with forward-thinking design studios dedicated to enhancing the urban landscape across the dynamic cities of the Middle East.

In a rapidly evolving world, the demand for innovative, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing urban environments has never been greater. We take great pride in our role as facilitators, identifying and matching exceptional talent with the studios that share a deep commitment to the transformation and revitalization of our urban spaces.

Our track record speaks volumes. From the bustling metropolises of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to the historic and culturally rich cities of Cairo and Beirut, we've been instrumental in building teams that have left an indelible mark on the region's urban fabric. We've contributed to the creation of walkable, green cities with thoughtfully designed public spaces, pedestrian-friendly streets, and sustainable infrastructure.

Our passion for urban planning, design, and landscaping is matched only by our dedication to those who share this vision. We're not just recruiters; we're enablers of progress, fostering partnerships that not only shape the cities of today but also define the urban landscapes of a more sustainable, livable, and vibrant tomorrow. At Blake Anderson, we are dedicated to building the cities of the future, one visionary connection at a time.

Some of the jobs we regularly fill for our clients include:

- Urban Planner

- Landscape Architect

- Urban Designer

- GIS Planner

- Masterplanner

- BIM Technician

- Land-Use Consultant

- Lansdcape Engineer

- Irrigation Designer

Jobs in Urbanism