Interior Design Jobs in Dubai
Architecture & Interior Design

​At Blake Anderson, our unwavering commitment lies in fostering excellence within the realms of architectural and interior design. We take immense pride in collaborating with industry-leading design firms, channeling our expertise to identify and recruit the most exceptional talents. Through our passionate dedication, we've played an integral role in assembling teams that have spearheaded some of the region's most iconic and visionary building projects across the Middle East.

From the gleaming skyscrapers that grace the Dubai skyline to the culturally rich and architecturally diverse cities of Riyadh and Doha, our footprint spans across this dynamic landscape. We have contributed to the creation of cutting-edge commercial spaces that define modernity, luxury waterfront villas that harmonize with the natural beauty of coastal regions, and cultural landmarks that have become focal points of artistic expression and community cohesion.

Our mission extends beyond the traditional recruitment process; it's about curating dynamic partnerships that transform creative concepts into breathtaking realities. We are the bridge between visionary design and the gifted individuals who bring those visions to life, continuously elevating the standard of architectural and interior excellence across the Middle East. As we look ahead, we remain steadfast in our commitment to nurturing the talent that will shape the iconic skylines and cultural landscapes of tomorrow.

Some of the jobs we regularly fill for our clients include:

- Architect

- Design Principle

- Interior Designer

- FF&E Designer

- Revit Technician

- Architectural Technologist

- BIM Modeller

- Interior Architect

- Graphic Designer

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