At Blake Anderson we fully understand the importance of making sure you recruit the right person for the role.

We believe in offering our clients a full range of other selection tools as well as the traditional recruitment services to help ensure that you not only find the ideal candidate, but that you do so in a timely and cost effective manner.
Our services:
  Ability Tests to assess aptitude for a role
  Psychometric Assessments to assess someone’s suitability for the role and company
  Assessment Centres to help manage large numbers of recruits
Ability Tests
Ability tests are recognised as the single best method of predicting job success; ability tests measure a candidate’s current ability and future potential for different work skills.

We have access to a portfolio of ability tests that have been designed to assess a range of work-relevant aptitudes across all levels of an organisation, from entry level through to leadership positions.

You can discuss with our consultants which tests would best suit your companies needs.
Psychometric Assessments
Personality questionnaires provide valuable information about a person's working preferences at work and give in-depth information on how candidates will fit within a work environment, how they will work with others and their performance potential against the job competencies.

They play a major part in achieving a person-to-job fit by providing line managers with comprehensive and business-relevant reports into the strengths and development areas of applicants.

The questionnaires are perfect for use prior to interviewing. By assessing personality at the candidate selection stage, many organisations are reaping significant benefits by saving time and money.

We have an internationally certified and accredited consultant to conduct these assessments and provide the reports and results analysis for you.
Assessment Centres
If you are looking to recruit a number of people to your business all at the same time then running an Assessment Centre could be the most cost and time effective way of conducting your search.

We have the experience and ability to manage a complete recruitment programme from advertising copy writing and placement in local, national and online media through to facilitating a full assessment centre. After an assessment centre has been conducted our consultants provide you with reports for the final interview.
Salary Surveys
We want to ensure that you attract the very best candidates in the market. To ensure that you have a leading edge over other companies, we can provide salary surveys to help benchmark your benefits and compensations package, to ensure you are placed correctly in the market.

Our consultants will be happy to discuss each of these additional services with you and to assess which, if any would be helpful to your company